New Triple Flex Tripod Head

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Position Your Camera In Any Angle!

Why is the New Triplex Tripod Head perfect for you?

- More Angles With Ease

All you need is one hand to adjust your camera to any angle you like! Tripod adjustments are over, starting now all you need to get a perfect angle is the New Triplex Tripod Head.

- Simple Height Adjustment

It's always a pain to adjust your tripod height especially after you are done setting up your frame. With the New Flex Tripod Head you can add extra height to your tripod with a simple pull gesture and adjust it to any position you want!

- Stand Alone

The best part about the New Flex Tripod Head is that you can use it as a stand alone stand. No need for legs like most of the camera heads out there. Imagine you're with your DSLR with no tripod and you must capture that perfect shot! Since the New Triplex Tripod Head is so tiny and easy to use it will take you seconds to setup your frame for that perfect shot you need! 

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